Welcome to Emma’s So Naturals!

  • Emma’s So Naturals Eco-Soy Candles are all-natural and handmade using only Pure Essential Oil fragrances which have been intuitively blended from the heart. 

  • Soya wax is long lasting and clean burning and is free from herbicides and pesticides.

  • Emma’s high quality pure essential oils give a naturally delicate, clean fragrance that will not overpower the room.

  • Emma’s candles are FREE FROM – Paraffin, Perfume, Synthetic fragrance, and Artificial dyes.  

  •  Emma’s candles are Vegan, and tested only on me! They also contain no Palm oil.

“I’ve made you a candle that will gently fragrance your room in a naturally delicate way, that’s not over-powering or heavily perfumed!” 

I make my all-natural soy candles – fragranced with only high-quality pure essential oils for people who, just like me, are sensitive to,

or who simply dislike regular artificially scented candles and for those who would simply prefer a candle-lit ambiance 

with a beautifully natural and delicately fragranced room.”

Emma Fallon  


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